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Until I get time to re-write this in my own words,
please consider this a book review, not an attempt
to evade copyright laws. THE BRIDGE AT THE EDGE OF
THE WORLD is vitally and urgently important in
finding and using alternatives to Global Warming.

The following is part of an interview with a man who
has a GREAT insight into today’s problems re Global
Warming and some ways we can solve them. Personally,
I think he could add my 12 Steps and the idea that we must
change as individuals before wanting to make the systemic
changes Speth says are needed. As Gandhi said, “We must
be the change we want to see the world make.”

Also, Speth would add the potential benefit of coalitions
to the formation of massive, grassroots movements. There are
many groups and goals that are compatible with but not identical
to New Freedom. We can join together, just like many government,
none-profit, business, and private groups unite to brig relief
to victims of disasters.

 Change Everything Now

One of the nation's most mainstream environmentalists
says it's time to get a lot more radical Interview
with Gus Speth, by Jeff Goodell Published in the September/October
2008 issue of Orion magazine.

(Do an Intrnet search. The interview is colyrighted.
I'll post my comments ASAP.)