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CLIMATE STABILIZATION is a positive, affirmative way
of saying NO! to global warming and its background.

Human activites and the greenhouse gases they create
are the causes of global warming.

Money, power, and ego are sought by and used to
protect the global corporate aristocracy. John
Perkins has called this the "corporatocracy."

Oil, other fossil fuels and nuclear energy are the
bases of much of the world's acivities. Corporatocracies
protect them literally to the death. The following
allecgarions are made: "Vested interests use spin
and propaganda to say global warming
either is not a problem or is not a result of
greenhouse gases. They use obstruction, intimidation,
and even murder aganst alternative sources of
energy. They influence national policies to use
debts, intimidation, assination, torture, and
military force as methodss of control.

New attitudes, ways of life, and spiritual paths can
lead us to a stable climate and abundance on earth.