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Dream Experience


The following is a dream I have, for myself and for
the New Freedom Fellowship. I hope you can either
relate to it or adapt it to yourself.

This dream was originally adapted from Peggy McColl’s
book YOUR DESTINY SWITCH. (For the sake of copy
right law, this is a book review. The book is
great and has been very helpful to me.

Equally good is Lynn McTaggart’s THE INTENTION
EXCPERIMENT. This book takes a person shows you how
to get the greatest probability of having your intention
materialize. The accompanying Web site is

Also helpful has been the Sylva UltraMind Alpha Tape
to relax, get centered, and allow this dream
scenario to imprint itself on my subconscious.

This is part of my program to help the Universe heal
me of cancer, specifically lymphoma.


“In your mind an image is forming….
The image of your dream life. It plays out with
vivid detail, in full color, with sounds and smells and flavors and sensations.

Observe yourself:
What do you look like? ….
What are you wearing?...
Feel yourself inside this healthy, strong, toned,
physically fit body….
See yourself enjoying the fitness program you’re
diligently involved in….
You love to exercise, and you look fwd to it, and
you do it on a regular basis. If you miss a day, you can’t
wait to get back to it. ….

Taste the mouth-watering, healthy, nutritious foods
that you’re blessed to eat each day….
You feel the energy of this life-fostering food
entering your body as you eat it.”

Now watch yourself as you walk into your camp site at
the New Freedom Fellowship (NFF). You and mate are
clothes-free. You feel the warm sun on your body.
You see your solar panel taking the free energy
of the sun and putting it into a 12 volt battery.
You feel a gentle wind on your bare body and you
see it quietly turning the blades of a wind generator that
is wired to a second 12 volt battery. These batteries go
directly to some 12 volt lights and also to an inverter that
changes the voltage to 120 volts for computers, a small
a tape recorder, etc.

A kitchen table is set up with water jugs, a dish
pan, and a drain board. A small methane-burning stove
serves for early morning coffee. Near it is a solar
over for baking bread and slow-cooking anything else.
There is also a parabolic reflector that can be
aimed at a pot or kettle held by a tripod or a crane.

You delight in showing your galley to visitors and
giving them samples of your pollution-free cooking.
Occasionally you invite people for a full meal
cooked this way.

On the screen porch of your tent are two tables, chairs,
and lap tops. You and Alice use the lap tops for
business and to stay in touch with family and friends.
And towrite the newsletter and/or blog that you send to people
on an ever-growing email list.

Inside the tent is a full and firm single mattress and
a cot. The curtains are open, and a cool breeze comes
in thru the screens. A rotating fan is available
for whenever it is needed. The same for a couple of
insect coils and holders; a faint scent of herbs
and smudge comes from the container and the tent itself.
Pleasant music softly plays Pagan music and a variety of other
selections. A paper-back novel is on
the floor by each bed.

This camp site is a microcosm of the idea that one
does not have to OWN something/everything in order to
enjoy it, the idea that we actually do NOT own anything
but just use it while we are here/there. This reinforces
the idea that we can care for the Earth, with the help
of the Universal Intelligence or Spirit.

The whole camp ground is on loaned, rented, or
leased property; the land is not owned by NFF. There
are similar places in other parts of the country, and
the goal is to have a facility in every State of the U. S.
and in every country in the world. Visitors are always
welcome, as long as they comply with our stated goals and codes
of conduct, at least while they are with us. Non-
members pay a small grounds fee, and this is used for
expenses such as rent and paying for a well, septic tank,
toilets, and hot showers. Guest tents or tee pees or yurts or
whatever are available for rent; lectures, workshops, guided
tours are presented on weekends.

My mate is with me and joins me in delight at the
whole scene, the mood, the environment, the good
vibrations. We share mutual love and respect.

Our neighbors are friendly, fun, respectful, and
just great to be with. They get quiet and go to
bed about when we do. Everyone is considerate of
others’ peace, quiet, and privacy.

This general location and this specific camp site are
reflections of my success in my career. My work is
teaching by example and making various types of presentations.
I make most of these presentations sky clad; some
in my audiences/classes are clothed. That’s OK,
but I gently encourage them to disrobe as much as they are
comfortable doing. I point out that nudity is a strong symbol
of equality with all life, of a gentle footprint on
the Earth, of a freedom from civilized addictions.

I am very successful in my work: I have abundance in
everything needed for a healthy and happy body,
mind, and spirit. I truly enjoy my work and the people I
meet, I enjoy being nude most of the time in warm weather
(whether or not others are nude). I enjoy learning what
others teach and feel I am growing spiritually and intellectually
and in wisdom.

My mate and I have a joyful life. A drumming circle
with a central fire pit is in the middle of the camp ground,
shielded from people who might object to seeing others in
the nude. We are both competent drummers and dancers. We are
not inhibited and experience joy in these and all our activities.

It feels wonderful to be myself and to have my partner
agree with me in word and deed. We express our
great love freely and frequently.

Life since the successful treatment of the cancer is
now loving, nude, uninhibited, free, and honest.
I have self-confidence and am finally living as my true self,
not as society and others says I should live. (And,
considering the sorry state of the world, “others” have not
set a good example of how to live.) I feel GREAT.

My life is complete. My needs are met by the Universe
before I even ask. I’m blesses…. I feel
blessed, and I offer thanks for my abundance. I give
of myself to others….I feel expansive….able and eager to give
love, compassion, kindness, money, time, I feel grateful
for the abundance I am able to share.

I see us having a dinner of celebration with friends.
We are celebrating the completion of a New Freedom
Fellowship video series on a spiritual and environmentally and
people-friendly way of life for us and the Earth.
Everyone is nude. We are gathered around a fire and
many people have drums. A couple of people have flutes

and guitars. A number of people are dancing to the music,
some as couples, some singly, esp. the belly dancers.
The fire sends out heat, but there is a pleasant breeze blowing
and keeping everyone comfortable.

I know that I’m living my life on purpose….for the
greater good of all….I’m living my life based on my
highest values….
I feel tranquil and serene.

People look up to me….I’m a leader….a true achiever….
I know I can do anything I set my mind to….
I believe in myself fully….
I’m surrounded by family and friends who believe in me….
I’m a winner….People love to be around me….
They experience joy in me presence.

I feel absolute certainty that I’ve achieved
everything I’ve ever dreamed of achieving….I take a
deep breath in and feel that absolute certainty….
I smile, because I have complete faith….
I have an absolute feeling of knowing….I experience the boldness,
the genius, the infinite power within me….
All the resources I need are inside me, waiting to be tapped into….
You have energy and drive. Nothing can stand in my way…..
I’m strong, confident, more determined than ever….
I’m creating my extraordinary destiny.