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We need alternative energy and alternative sources of
energy invented, produced, and in use
immediately, before the unknown time when tipping
points are reached.

Searches of the Internet lead me to believe there is
much more truth than scam to suppression stories.
But it has been suppressed by vested interests, mainly
the petroleum industry. And probably the coal industry.

Doubtless “vested interests” includes more than those
industries. Politicians, lobbyists, labor groups,
automobile and auto parts manufactures, and others have
high stakes in maintaining the status quo.

Social businesses with goals other than profit need to
be given an affirmative action type of chance so that
this information can be used quickly and widely enough to
be meaningful alternatives to Global Warming.

James Speth, while Dean of the Yale School of
Forestry and Environmental Studies, had the right
idea. We need a million person, grassroots march on
Washington, D. C. to demand change.

I say we do this and include possible suppressed
energy and energy sources.

Have national protests but also more local ones.
Smaller marches and demonstrations can go to country
seats, state capitals, coal-fired power plants, etc.
These marches would be more accessible and
affordable to the masses of people.

There is no reason to confine the effort to the United
States. Other nations have smart people and good inventions.
And they and their people will be destroyed unless the
whole world acts now.

Those of us who mistrust the government because of
vested interests and power will be reassured if an
impartial investigative body can be formed somehow.
Please send your ideas as to “how.”
And your comments.


Bare Bill

You and I have alternative sources of energy available
to us. Through the Internet, its search engines,
organizations like the New Freedom Fellowship, and a
global grassroots movement we can have energy at
little or no cost.

We can make paradigm shifts in our definitions of
freedom, a good life, abundance, spirituality, etc.
We can separate our wants and our needs.
There can be enough for all.

Energy, especially energy derived from fossil fuels,
is, however, the greatest casuse of Global Warming
and threat to Climate Stabilization. It thus deserves the
most urgent attention from New Freedom.

While there is a temptation for some people, myself
included, to emphasize the potential for a grassroots
change, in actuality governments, corportations, big
business, etc. must also change. New Freedom can
facilitate the growing drive for green publicity and green
profits, while urging honesty and moderation.

Moderation is indeed the key to a healthy change.
Businesses and individuals need to try to provide for
their stock holders and off-spring, but they need to do this
in a manner that does no harm to others or the earth in general.

New Freedom representatives, conforming to the dress
and other standards of the modern business world, can play
a decisive role in this transformation to moderate self-interest.

The various aspects of Newe Freedom, however, will
probably have their greatest effect through a grassroots
movement. First, this will result in the use of devices and
methods which have been suppressed by big business, government,
etc. Second, it will create a ground-swell of pressure
for a change in public policy, law, taxation, etc.
that favors alternative sources of energy and the
conservation of eneergy.

In keeping with the idea that people want to provide
for the future, New Freedom ecourages payment of effort
in various forms, including co-ops, LETS (Local
Economy Trading Systems), etc.