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Local groups form the backbone of NFF. Although
there is no requirement that people abstain from alcohol,
NFF is modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Local NFF groups provide support for men and women
living and working out of the mainstream of the local
ways of life. Without them, there is no fellowship, and
without fellowship the individual is prey to relapse.

Most people will be unable or unwilling to give up their
regular homes and jobs until forced to. But they can
still learn from local groups.

As each local group grows, the members may decide to
split into Open and Closed Meetings. Open Meetings
would be open to the public and would serve a vital public
relations and educational function. Speakers could follow
the AA example and tell "what it (life)was like, what
happened, and what it is like now."

Closed Meetings would be for New Freedom members only.
This would allow frank discussions of problems and
possible solutions. It would also provide privacy for
anything members did not want subjected to media and public

Classes, workshops, dancing, drumming, whatever a group
wanted could be part of either an Open or a Closed Meeting.