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DEMONSTRATING Members of NFF who have made changes in their
personal, home, and/or business lives can have a great
influence on others just by setting an example. Our behavior
says to others that, if we can do it, they can
do it also. And be happy doing it.

Some of the ideas of NFF are best passed on by
demonstrating them. For example, being friendly, helpful,
and welcoming to newcomers who may be insecure, down
on their luck, or dealing with some measure of
tragedy. Or demonstrating compassion and brotherly/
sisterly love to these people or to people in distant lands.
The concept of clothing-optional living is certainly easier
demonstrated than taught by those who like a nudist/
naturist way of life.

Members of NFF can reinforce whaztever demonstrations
they like, just as convention societies and civililations
reward those who make money, acquire possessions,
or distinguish themselves in military pursuits.

img Members of each group or community have the opportunity
to present classes or workshops that are mentioned on this
Web site. With the approval of the local group, they can also
teach subjects that interest them or in which they have expertise.

Often all that is necessary to start running a workshop
is willingness. This can be followed by study and research
sufficient to lead a workshop where the ideas and
knowledge of the participants form vital and interesting
parts of the program.

In a NFF community, an interesting approach would be
to take a group of "students" on a tour. Members of
the community could describe their use of such things as
solar power and also how they made personal changes
in their lives.

Personal change is perhaps best presented with the
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) method of personal stories
that describe "what it was like, whazt happened, and
what it is like now." (from Chapter 5 in "The Big Book).
This method is especially appropriate for local group
meetings and can be both instructive and inspirational.