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CLICK HERE FOR MORE AND DIFFERENT MATERIAL ABOUT THE NEW FREEDOM FELLOWSHIP (NFF). ************************************************************************* WHY ?? The New Freedom Fellowship (NFF) aims at changing individuals and cultures so they can survive and live in joy, peace, and abundance. The way I have personally lived for years has not worked, so I am transforming myself to who I really want to be. A guiding principle is the Wiccan Reed: "AN YE HARM NONE, DO AS YE WILL" The NFF will also demonstrate ideas about how civilizations can change and survive. If you want them, here are some fun, wild, and difficult suggestions for you. If you have better ideas, PLEASE EMAIL ME. ************************************************************************ WHAT ?? The New Freedom Fellowship (NFF) is a fellowship of men and women who (strive to) set positive examples and to study and teach others (offer others knowledge) about new paradigms for the civilizations and cultures of the Earth. Local groups may meet independently to share support, knowledge, and ideas with each other and the public. Another goal is to set up many residential camps where NFF skills can be demonstrated and taught. Topics for discussion and instruction can include such things as: climate stabilization, climate cooling, cool living, conservation of energy, alternatives to civilized addictions, peace, abundance, health, spirituality, Paganism, Wicca, quantum physics, nudism/clothing optional living, joy, alternate sources of energy, solar cooking, simple living, nonviolent communication (NVC), survival,. Each camp may or may not provide aid to impoverished or disaster areas. The Internet, videos, etc. may be used as training and educational tools and also for recreation and entertainment. *******************************************************